Sunday, March 30, 2008

Big Weekend

It's been an exciting weekend around the Liess House! As you can see, Addi is the new chef of our home. She LOVES cooking with me. Though, since my last post about her cooking, I have learned how to handle that side of her better. I now let her help me while I'm in there, so that she manages to stay out of the kitchen when I'm not there!!!! She imitates EVERYTHING I DO. She's a sponge, absorbing everything around her.

Taelor also got to go fishing with Jake at the local park. And she caught her first fish! She was so excited. I'm glad that she got to spend some time with dad. Mom's not into fishing, so it was great father/daughter time.

Then this evening, Taelor lost her first tooth! Then, we got home from small group and found out whose team she is on for t-ball! She is so excited right now, I don't know that she'll fall asleep before midnight! She is in bed, but so many exciting things happened tonight that she's on cloud 15 right now!

I am very excited about all these things, but it has really taken me aback as well. My baby is growing up!!! Have you heard the Trace Atkins song, "You're Gonna Miss This"? That has really become my song lately. Even though life may be chaos, the house may not be perfectly clean, etc., my family is growing up and one of these days I'll look back and miss the fact that the girls aren't babies anymore. Now, my heels aren't dug into the ground resisting change, my emotions are just a right under the surface about it all. In fact, they've spilled out from my eyes a few times this evening. Dumb, I know, but I'm the emotional one!!!

I don't usually give advice on this thing, but tonight I am. Whatever is going on with your life, be sure to take the time to enjoy it. Because one of these days, you'll look up and time has passed and you're gonna miss what used to be!
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Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter and the start of more Chaos

These are the rest of the pictures that I wanted to post last night of Easter, but am just now getting on here!

The first four from last night were of the girls Easter morning when they saw their Easter baskets. In our family, the Easter Bunny leaves something in each of the girls Easter baskets. This year, Taelor got some sidewalk chalk tools and Addi got some t-ball stuff. Taelor starts t-ball this year and has already gotten all that gear. Addi tries to swing the metal bat and can do it, but it scares EVERYONE. So the Easter Bunny got her a foam one! Then they both got bubble guns that are awesome.

Then here are the "dressed-up" pictures of the family. I look pregnant in this picture, but let me assure you that I AM NOT! HaHa!

Today was a frustrating day; I really hope tomorrow is better. Nothing that anyone could really control, just several "misunderstandings" this evening. I am pretty good at "rolling with the punches" as long as it's nothing of "super importance" to me. Tonight's things were "super important" to me and therefore I get frustrated when they don't work out. Oh, well.

Spring is upon us! I am so ready for summer - ready to sleep in and enjoy the pool and my girls. But there are one million and two things that have to happen between now and summer! With twirling, football season and from spring break until the end of school are always very busy - chaotic really! This time of year involves getting the girls ready to try-out for the twirling line next year (tryouts are in May) and getting the ones who made it to state ready. This year, all that involves 9 solos (3 are for State competition) and 1 line (also for State competition). And all these girls are also involved in: academic UIL, one-act play, tennis, golf, softball, track, work, and yes, they go to school during the day, too!!! I'm really amazed at everything they do. I did it all when I was in school, but at that time we simply didn't offer all the sports that we do now (sounds like I'm really old!).

I love this time of year!!! Yes, it's busy, and yes, it's easy to get frustrated. But I love being able to be around my twirling girls on a more consistent basis. They are helping me get ready for the time when my girls are teenagers! And I really love twirling (yes, I know I'm weird).
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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Donations Accepted

Ok, I am now accepting donations to purchase any and every child safety gadget available. Taelor, no problem - basic cabinet locks and outlet plugs - we're good to go. Addi - no such luck!

So far this week, she can carry a fold-up chair (which is stored in the laundry room) to anywhere in the house that she needs to climb upon, unfold it, use it, then return it to the correct place! She has tried to fix scrambled eggs (seven I might add). And she did it correctly - no shells in the skillet (which she had to get out of the cabinet) and even got out the wire whisk to mix them with. She has emptied my moisturizer (which was in the "medicine cabinet", there's no medicine in there, but it's up high - once again she had to climb) and managed to put the remote control in a candle. On top of the entertainment center!!!!!! I cannot afford to buy enough door things to keep her out of every room in the house, buy sturdier cabinet locks, buy stove things to keep her from turning it on (she hasn't tried that yet, but give her time) and a lock for every bi-fold door in this house. Standard things like plugs, she leaves alone!!! So I am now accepting any monetary donations to Addi-proof my house!

On another note - Spring Break has really been good with Taelor. She has really been good to help with Addi. She does a great job of letting me know when Addi is starting to get into something that she shouldn't. And right now, it's not tattle-telling (she does that very well at school and with her friends) it's simply, "Addi's getting into something that she's not supposed to!" Taelor has really just saved my sanity this week.

Taelor is with a friend today, so someone might check on me to make sure Addi hasn't tied me up and taken the house over!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Break

Aww...yes..I'm ready for Spring Break! Not that I actually need the break - I just really enjoy having Taelor home for a few days at a time. That's the part of me that still wants her to be my "little" girl, not my "grown-up, in-schoool" girl!
We don't have any big plans for the week - other than cleaning. My mom's birthday is right after Easter so we are combining the two and doing everything here.
For those that really know me, house cleaning is not my gift. I would rather cut my toe off than clean house. My mom keeps telling me, "Just pick it up as you go along." HA!!! Does she have a two-year old running loose through her house - NO. I tried that all day yesterday. I kept the dishes done after EVERY meal (we ate at home all three meals yesterday), swept the kitchen floor after anyone opened the back door (we live across the street from a field - the dirt blows even when there's no wind), and in general just tried to "pick up" throughout the day. OH MY WORD! I was exhausted last night! To me, it's just much easier to have one or two MAJOR house cleaning days and be done with it. But that's just me. Maybe it will get easier - who knows.
Hope everyone has a great week! Hopefully I'll have time to post before another week goes by!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Come on, Snow!!

"If you don't like the weather, hang around a little while. It'll change!"
How many times have I heard that said about West Texas? Well, it's so true!! Sunday was short sleeves and flip flops. Monday was winter coats. Yesterday wasshort sleeves, today was long sleeves, tonight, winter coats again. I don't mind the cold, really. But don't get my hopes up about snow and possible school delays! That just jinxes the whole thing! I would just really love a foot of snow on the ground in the morning. My husband probably wouldn't, but I sure would.
I think I'm just getting spring fever. Time change is this weekend, Easter is right around the corner. Those things usually mean spring is here. But both of those events are sooooo early this year, that we'll probably need to wear our long-sleeve Christmas dresses for Easter.
Speaking of that, has anyone got their kids Easter outfits yet? It's kind of sneaking up on me. Guess we'll do that during Spring Break.
Not much to really write about. Just my random thoughts in my head. Be glad you don't live there (inside my head!).