Friday, April 18, 2008

Opening Ceremonies

Tonight was the Opening Ceremony for the Baseball Association in Abernathy. It involved EVERYONE. From t-ball to machine pitch, to baseball and softball of every age division!! I think it was basically organized chaos! They introduced each team and then had team pictures taken.

This is our first time playing. She could have played the last two years, but I wasn't ready for anyone to tell me when I had to be where and for how long!! So she's just now doing t-ball. Next year she'll be in softball - quite a leap. I am glad we waited, though. She actually knows how the game is supposed to be played and what to do!!!

I guess this is year one of (hopefully) 13 busy years. That's why I love small schools. Kids can do anything and everything they want to. It sure makes you learn how to manage your time!

I'll update with more action shots as the season progresses...
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Birthday Fun

Ok, so I'm a little behind - but cut me some slack. We've had a busier than normal week.

First, I subbed three days last week. I've subbed before, but never in High School. I loved it. I have to brag on my town for a moment. Yes it's small and some don't like "knowing" everyone, but it was really neat to get to spend time with these kids. Abernathy has great kids. And yes, we've had our "winners", but overall we have really good kids here who really do try to do the right things. I get to spend time with the band kids fairly often, but this allowed me to meet some kids that I knew who they were, but hadn't really talked to before. I really did enjoy it.

But, needless to say, after doing that for three days plus teaching private lessons in the evenings, I was exhausted!!! I am so blessed to be able to stay home with my daughter and do work that I LOVE in the evening. There is no way I could work all day and teach private lessons as well.

Saturday was our friend, John's, 3rd birthday. They had a bounce house set up and the girls had a great time. Poor boy, he was the only boy at his party. All the friends were girls. But at this age, they don't care. All the kids loved it. Taelor wants one for her birthday, but you can't have a outdoor bounce house in December!!!

This week has been a little back to the norm. Just catching up on lack of sleep last week. I guess what was hard about last week was getting up early enough to take Addi to my grandparents house (20 minutes one way) and get back in time to get Taelor to school and get myself to class ontime. But I'm very thankful for the free child care! Other than catching up on rest, and laundry, things are pretty much normal. Except that I am having to CLEAN my house. Not just pick it up, either. Actually clean it. We are hosting our Bunco group on Saturday, so we've been cleaning every spare minute.

One more thought and I'll close. Yesterday, "Tuesday Folder's" were sent home from school. Each week Tae's teacher sends home a newsletter of what's going on. Well, the last thing on the newsletter said, "Only 6 1/2 more weeks of Kindergarten!!!!!" I cried. It was hard enough letting Taelor go to school; now her first YEAR is nearly over. It has flown by. And the sad part is, I know each year will fly by faster. I'm so thankful that she is growing up to be a wonderful young lady, but she's growing up :(
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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Craziness Continues

Life is normal at our house! Crazy!! I think that's the only way we know how to operate. Though I must say, that I've learned to cram most of our activities into the week so that we have the weekends off. And for about the last month, we have. It's been great. Just hangin' out at home.

Taelor had her first t-ball practice this week. She loved it. She's got a good little group of kids on her team. Have no idea how good they are at t-ball, but they are good kids! I think we've still got about two weeks before we start playing.

Also this week was the Kindergarten Rodeo. The Kindergarten class has been studying Texas and cowboys. So to finish off this unit, they went to one of the kids home's in the country. They got to practice running the barrels and poles (with stick horses of course), got to pet a real horse, got to take a picture on a saddle, had the opportunity to attempt roping, and got to brand each other!! They had real branding irons that the kids dipped into water then flour and chased each other trying to brand each other's bottoms. They also had each group divided into different "brands". Taelor's group with the Triangle P's. It was a fun morning.

Tomorrow we are having our annual Easter Egg hunt at the Riley Ranch. We do it every year at church, but Easter was too early this year to do it before hand - it would've been very cold. So we've got that tomorrow. The kids always love it. We go to an elderly ladies "country home" (5 miles outside of town) on their ranch. It's a tiny little house that barely has running water and plumbing, but the kids LOVE IT. We usually have a campfire and just sit around enjoying each other's company.

This is kind of a boring post, but I really wanted to get something up just because! And by the way, my bracket is now a total, complete loss. I had UNC winning the whole thing :(