Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Time Flies

Oh, my word! Where did November go?!?!?! It seems like we were just celebrating Halloween, now it's Thanksgiving and Dec. 1st is less than a week away.

November has been another busy month - though with more normal busy-ness. We have settled into a more normal routine. My schedule has let up a bit - which I'm loving. I still have all my private lessons, but I'm still done by 6:00 most evenings instead of 9:00 or later! It's great to be home in the evenings and actually cook supper. Which is good, because my favorite place to get food on the go closed in A-town. That was a sad day. No more Triple P - but that only means something to those of you who live here. No more good ice (we aren't big enough to have a SONIC like the rest of the world)!

We are ready for a break! I'm so glad that this morning was the last morning to have to get Tae up and ready for school for a few days. She needs a break so badly. We had a holiday Labor Day and have not had a day off from school since. I love the State Legislature! They are the ones who have put us in this predicament - but I'll leave the rest of that soap box for another day.

I am so ready to put my tree up. Several of you have already done so. I need to clean house before I do that! So, enjoy Thanksgiving and, for those of you that haven't decorated yet - have fun doing that, too!