Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Wow - hard to believe it's 2009. Now that we don't write near as many checks thanks to debit cards, I'm sure it will be mid-July before I'm used to writing the date with '09.

We have had a wonderful Christmas vacation this year (not that other year's weren't, this one was just really good). Jake's mom and dad came in the Tuesday before Christmas and stayed until Saturday. We had a great visit with them and they got to spend their first Christmas Day with the girls.

Christmas Day was full!!! We started with Santa at home with Grandma and Grandpa Liess. Then after lunch, we went to my mom and dad's house. The Liess' joined us, so we had a full living room. This was my nephew's first Christmas and he was so cute!

After all the presents had been opened, there was no way you could convince me that the economy is sluggish! We had presents EVERYWHERE. And I can happily say it wasn't Jake & I that did all the shopping. We did a great job of sticking to our "budget". But both of our parents went above and beyond for our entire family - not just the girls. So yes, I enjoyed my Christmas gifts, too.

This week has been so nice to be able to chill out and not have a schedule. Jake did have to go back to work this week (he was off all last week), but has today and tomorrow plus the weekend off.

I do not like New Year's Resolutions, so I'm not going to bore anyone with the list of things that I know I will fail at. Though I know there are areas of life that can be improved upon, I really love the life I have!