Friday, February 22, 2008

New Look

I'm so excited. Melody did this to my blog!!! It looks so wonderful - thanks Melody.
I'm really glad some people have this gift. It's not mine. I know enough about computers to get me into trouble.
I'm just excited because it looks so nice and professional!!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Late V-Day

Ok, I'm just now getting around to posting our Valentine's Day pics!

The top one is from Taelor's "Tea Party" at school. The kids got to dress up in their parents clothes and had a tea for Valentine's Day. It was precious! The boys in their dad's sports coats were so handsome. They even drew beards and mustache's on their little faces.

The next two pics are from our Sweetheart Banquet at church. Taelor is with her grandmother Mary. And the bottom one is of their table. We had 48 kids and grandparents. That doesn't even include the parents! This was just an awesome evening. We all know how hard it is to "mix" generations at church. So this was a terrific way of doing that. The older ones had the most genuine smiles on their faces and really loved being doted on by the young people. You can't really tell in this photo, but this included all the youth from age 3 up to our Seniors in High School. I'm really excited about the great relationships that are beginning to be formed because of this.
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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I was working on some things on my blog tonight and started thinking about the title of my blog. At the time that I started this blog - chaos really was my life. And in some ways, my life is still chaos, but in a different way.
When I started this, I was babysitting 3 boys 3 days a week. I thoroughly loved it, but it was a huge challenge. My house was a constant wreck and every evening I was exhausted.
Now I'm no longer babysitting, but life is still busy. Only now it seems to be in a much more positive way. I'm able to work on more things at church, do centers at Taelor's school, and keep my house clean (well, at least picked up!). And when I teach in the evenings, I'm energized and excited to be teaching. It was hard to get up the energy to go teach twirling after being a ref all day long!!
Life is still chaos. The chaos has just changed is all. And most important, I'm at peace with the chaos that's in my life right now.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just Life in General

Ok, first, I removed my AdSense thing from Google. It was not advertising things that I was comfortable with - bikini clad girls? Maybe my Kappa pics from the weekend were too racy or something - I don't know!!!! But if you were offended by anything advertised there - it's not my fault!!!!!!!
Life is crazy right now. Not in a bad way. It just is! We had a Sweetheart Banquet at church to kick off our "adopt-a-grandparent" thing at church. It was great, but Sunday was tiring. And that was after our "Kappa" reunion Friday night and breakfast Saturday morning! Then Monday was Taelor's first day back at school in a week. You get out of the habit so quickly!!!!
Wednesday and Thursday, I will be subbing at school. I'm excited about that. I'm getting to sub in the band hall, which basically means I have to work one class (high school) while the assistant teaches the rest of the day. But that means that I have to get up at 5:30 in order to get Addi ready and to my grandparent's home in Hale Center, back to get Taelor, and to school by (hopefully) 7:45am. Then I'm babysitting Friday. So nothing is going on this week!!! And like I said, it's all good, just busy.
Sometime this week I'll post some pics from the Sweetheart Banquet. Our teens did a FABULOUS job of decorating and the parents all pitched in to cook a GREAT meal. It was really a good time and great opportunity for different generations to come together. Any of you involved in church in any way know how hard it is to get the different generations to come together. So this was great on so many levels.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Last one - I promise!

If you look closely, you can probably tell which girl belongs to whom. Addi left) is Chris & Amy's, Hallie (center) is Scott & Brooke's, and Taelor (right) is mine & Jake's. I remember being Taelor's age and coming to Kappa breakfast with my mom. We are getting old!!!!!
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More Kappa Pics

Told you it would take more than one post to get all these on here!

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Kappa Reunion

Last night was great. I think everyone there had a great time. It was so good to get to see some that I see on a regular basis and reconnect with some that I haven't seen since college.

Here are some of the pics from last night. I'm not sure if they're all going to post, so it may take more than one to get them all up.

Many thanks to Larissa for putting this all together and opening her home up to us. She did a fantastic job and looks AWESOME!!!

I am making myself a pledge to keep in touch with people more this year. It's awful in this day and time of email, blogs, instant communication, that I don't do a better job of this. Most of us spent at least 3 or more years together during a very pivotal time in our lives. Everyone holds a special place from those times in my heart.

Enough emotional rambling. Hope everyone has a great Homecoming/Follies weekend.
Hope to see you before Homecoming 2009!!!!

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Ok, my blog was malfunctioning last week. So I'm trying this again. That's why there are two posts involving the Babes with Batons!!! I posted the first one, but when I went to view my blog, it wasn't there. So I posted another one. It still took days for it to show up, but a friend was able to view it immediately! So anyway, sorry that there are two nearly identical posts.
I am enjoying this blogging world. I keep finding more people on other people's blogs from my past. And it's so nice to be able to read and catch up with what's been happening in their world the last few years.
Taelor is home sick today, so I'm really hoping that she gets better and no one else gets it before Homecoming this weekend. If all goes well, I'll be at Larissa's Friday night and we'll all be at the breakfast Saturday morning.