Sunday, August 2, 2009


It's so good to be back home. Seeing my girls and Jake for the first time in 3 weeks on Thursday was awesome. I cried - what else would you expect from me - Mrs. Emotional!!!!

The rest of the family finally made it home tonight. My sister-in-law, Ashley, and I cooked supper for our entire family tonight. Ryan, Ashley, and Brock moved here while we were in Minnesota! So this was our first "family meal" with everyone living in a 10 mile radius of each other. It was so fun coordinating the meal with Ashley.

What made tonight so special was how much fun we had. Not every family wants to live so close to each other, but I think God knew that we would need each other to lean on during this time. We don't plan on eating EVERY MEAL together, but it was really fun eating, laughing, and watching the kids entertain us all. Ryan & Ashley may not want to stay here too long if Brock keeps learning tricks from Addi - but it's so precious right now.

I just really love my family - and I'm so proud of my family. Today was also my parents 34th wedding anniversary!!! I'm so proud of my mom and dad - not just because they are my parents, but because of who they are to other people. They are so well respected in this community. I'm proud of my sister! She does her own thing in her own time and has no regrets at all!! And I'm so proud of Ryan and Ashley. Ryan is going to be a coach and I'm so happy that he'll get a chance to learn how here under a coach he admires and respects so much. And it's fun to have Ashley around, too! She's such a good mom and I love the way she loves my little brother. And I'm proud of Jake. He is around my family so much and he never complains! He rolls with the punches and takes part in the Bufe querkiness (not sure of the spelling here, but you get it!)

There's not much new and exciting to report - other than I have a wonderful family and it's great to have everyone back at home where they belong!!